Global social engagement made easy.

Manage all of your global social networking profiles from one tool, including Sina Weibo, RenRen, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Organize your social media accounts in hubs that make sense to you.

Stop monitoring and managing dozens of social media accounts separately and manage them more efficiently using hubs.

Coordinate your social media team.

Coordinate and collaborate with social media team members, ensuring that questions are quickly routed to the people best qualified to answer them.

Monitor your overseas social media representatives and agencies.

On-the-fly translation allows you to monitor what your overseas representatives are saying on your behalf and the ability to provide feedback when necessary.

Prevent social media disasters by using the built-in profanity filter.

Ensure that your social media teams do not use inappropriate language and terminology.

Manage all of your client's social media accounts from one place.

No more logging in and out of accounts all day long. Agencies and social media managers can manage all of their client's social media accounts in one place.

Coordination, Collaboration and Control for Social Media Teams.


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